The LA Times reports that a man has been arrested in connection with the baseball bat killings of homeless men in downtown Los Angeles. Ramon Escobar, 47, is suspected in the beating deaths of two homeless men and beating two others until they were hospitalized in critical condition. Police also want to question him about the disappearances of two of his Texas relatives.

Escobar was arrested in Santa Monica on Monday, and is being held for suspicion of murder. The two homeless men who were killed were beaten to death while they slept in the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Another man was critically injured, says the LA Times. After beating a fourth man in Santa Monica, police finally caught up to him and arrested him.

Houston police also consider Escobar a suspect in the disappearances of Dina Escobar, 60, and Rogelio Escobar, 65, in August of this year. Rogelio was last seen by a convenience store on August 26 before the couple went missing. His backpack was left on his porch that same day. Dina went to look for her brother later that day, but hasn’t been seen since.

Charred remains of Dina’s van were discovered in Galveston a few days later. Ramon Escobar is their nephew.

Police are also investigating Ramon’s possible link to the murder of a 39-year-old man in San Gabriel who was beaten to death. He may also be connected to the beatings of two other homeless men in September.

*photo credit Myung J. Chun/Los Angeles Times