Ajit Pai, Trump’s designated Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, is potentially one of the most despised individuals online. Hatred and anger towards him grew exponentially when he threw his full support into repealing net neutrality protections. This action is seen as a major blow to internet users, privacy advocates and libertarians because it takes away protections that prevent internet service providers from determining what types of content their users can view. Since his agenda was exposed, online trolls have continued to harass Pai.

Now, Markara Man has been arrested for taking his online threats way too far. Man, a 33-year-old resident of Norwalk, allegedly threatened to kill one of Pai’s immediate family members in an email to the chairman. Since the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality, Man has contacted Pai at least three times through emails. One of these letters was taken as a serious and direct threat to the well-being of Pai’s children. Man sent a strange message containing the names and addresses of three preschools located around Pai’s home. Next, Man wrote “I will find your children, and I will kill them.”

Disturbed, Pai notified the FBI who began to immediately investigate the incident. They traced the emails back to Man who admitted to threatening the child. He told authorities that he was upset about the repeal, but he was enraged that most of his comments and views on the subject were completely disregarded by Pai and the FCC. He couldn’t contain his anger over being ignored. He did send an apology letter to Pai and his family, but law enforcement still decided to pursue charges against Man.