CNN reports that a man has been arrested for allegedly trying to order a hit on his black neighbor. The hitman was contacted through a white supremacist group. Brandon Cory Lecroy, 25, is from South Carolina. He was arrested in April after contacting the supremacist group and making arrangements with an undercover FBI agent.

On Tuesday, Lecroy was indicted on federal charges of soliciting someone to commit a violent act while using interstate commerce facilities. The interstate commerce used was a cellphone.

Records don’t state whether Lecroy has retained an attorney at this point. Affidavits do not specify why Lecroy wanted to kill his neighbor or how he initially came into contact with the undercover agent.

An informant told investigators in March that Lecroy had contacted the white supremacist group, indicating he wanted help murdering his African-American neighbor. Lecroy talked to the undercover FBI agent in Virginia the following day via telephone. He allegedly arranged with this agent to pay for the murder of his neighbor.

Lecroy requested a burning cross be put in the yard of his neighbor and to hang him from a tree. Two days later, Lecroy again called the agent and confirmed the plans, exchanging further information that could help in committing the murder.

Lecroy met the agent in person in Greenwood, South Carolina on April 9 and gave him a $100 down payment on the agreed $500 hit. He also confirmed this payment was for the murder of his neighbor, though the two discussed future targets Lecroy had in mind.

The arrest took place on April 9, and a judge ordered that Lecroy be held for 45 days for psychiatric evaluation. It is unclear where Lecroy is being held.

If convicted, Lecroy faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and $250,000 in fines.

*photo credit Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office