The Associated Press reports that a man has been arrested in connection with the shooting of a USPS driver on a Dallas highway. Investigators claim that Donnie Ferrell, 25, of Hutchins, shot and killed a postal worker while the employee was driving an 11-ton rig on the roadway last week.

Ferrell was arrested by law enforcement and postal inspectors, and he is expected to appear in court on Thursday. Federal authorities have yet to release a complete list of charges that Ferrell will be facing, but he has thus far been charged with murder of an officer or employee of the U.S. government while that employee was engaged in official duties. Maximum penalties of such a charge include $250,000 in fines and a life sentence.

There was no attorney listed on record for Ferrell as of Thursday.

On Monday, when the shooting happened, federal investigators offered $50,000 in rewards to information leading to the arrest of a suspect in the shooting.

The postal worker was identified as Tony Mosby, 58.

Police records state that Mosby was driving a delivery box truck when he was shot by an unknown suspect. His rig then proceeded to crash into a guard rail on the interstate close to Dallas, and was found dead in the truck.

Authorities believe this may have been a case of road rage, according to the AP. Police responded to a 2 a.m. call of shots being fired and found the rig with Mosby inside. Two witnesses who were with Merrell at the time of the shooting came forward to the FBI, stating he shot at Mosby’s rig several times while they were all riding in the same car. Ferrell allegedly told these witnesses when asked why he shot at him that Mosby had made a hand gesture at them.

After a night of drinks and dinner, the two witnesses, along with Ferrell, left a pool hall with a fourth person. The driver was reportedly driving erratically behind the rig and passed it on the left side when Ferrell started shooting. Ferrell later allegedly texted the witnesses, asking them not to mention the shooting to anyone.


*Photo credit CBS Dallas