Obaid Sheikh worked at the Fair Lakes Toys R Us store for over four years, but it has recently been discovered that he had been stealing merchandise from the toy store giant. Court records reveal that Mike Monaghan, an asset protection manager for the famous Toys R Us, first became suspicious of widespread theft in the specific store in October of 2017.

The asset protection manager stumbled upon an interesting listing on the auction website eBay for a Toys R Us exclusive toy. Digging deeper, he discovered that one seller’s account “YOUNGHOV289” had been selling brand new Toys R Us exclusive toys. The manager did some investigative research, and he found the account was registered to the current employee Sheikh.

Monaghan confronted Sheikh about the eBay account and its listings. Sheikh immediately confessed to stealing several different toys from the store by taking them out of the store’s back door. Monaghan reviewed the company’s records. He calculated that Sheikh had only spend around $4.24 on purchases from Toys R Us in the past. Monaghan brought his findings to the Fairfax County Police who then arrested the suspect, Sheikh, on February 18 of 2018.

The suspect admitted to police that he stole from the Toys R Us store, listed the items online and sold them. Investigators determined he had stolen around 2,970 toys over a four-year period. The online auctions were valued at around $123,000. Sheikh admitted to using the money for his own personal use. He told authorities that he felt justified in creating the scheme because he felt mistreated by the company and his fellow co-workers. Sheikh was arrested for larceny, money laundering and embezzlement, but he is currently out on bond.