CNN reports that a man has been arrested for allegedly threatening to kill and assault Virginia congressman, Rep. Scott Taylor.

The U.S. Attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Virginia says Wallace Grove Godwin, 69, of Virginia Beach, allegedly told a staffer that he would bring his shotgun to an event that Scott would be attending and he would “handle this myself” after a discussion about marijuana became heated. Godwin then pointed at two additional staffers, telling them, “You two are next.”

Authorities determined that Godwin carries a concealed weapon permit.

Taylor released a statement that the interactions with Godwin became heated and threats believable. He also stated Godwin had attended some political events recently and acted inappropriately.

Taylor was not present during the meeting where the threat was made. The congressman supports the decriminalization of marijuana. Godwin met with his staff last Thursday and became frustrated during the discussion.

The alleged threats occurred at Taylor’s Virginia Beach office, and Godwin faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Godwin’s initial court appearance was scheduled for Friday afternoon at the Norfolk federal courthouse.

According to court documents, Godwin went to Taylor’s residence in 2017 and “interacted” with him there. The Washington Post says that Godwin blocked Taylor’s vehicle in that instance and engaged him in conversation about his marijuana policy. Taylor asked him to leave and he did. In addition, Godwin allegedly yelled at staffers in the Virginia Beach office during a different altercation in 2017, in which police were called.

Godwin has no attorney on record. He also filed a lawsuit in 2017 against the federal government with claims that current marijuana laws weren’t being enforced.

*Photo credit CNN