The popular augmented reality game Pokémon Go is meant to be an enjoyable and harmless game, but some enthusiasts take the game way too far. The game has been making news since its release in 2016 for the unique challenges that the geographically accurate game has created in real life situations. Looking for the creatures has caused players to stumble upon deceased bodies, fall from dangerous heights and even sneak onto private property. Participation in the game has resulted in numerous criminal infractions like trespassing, theft, driving while playing on the phone and now violence.

Stephen Jolly was just arrested and charged with assault and malicious mischief after bringing his in-game conflict into real life. Reports indicate that the suspect was allegedly in the process of laying claim to a nearby Pokémon gym when someone by the username AndySandberg disputed it. Enraged, Jolly grabbed a tire iron out of his vehicle and charged three nearby individuals sitting on a bench. He asked which of the boys was Andy, and then reportedly slammed the tire iron on a nearby table several times.

The boys on the bench, Andrew Otton and Grayson Hagstrom, argue that Jolly then punched the duo several times. Hagstrom went behind Jolly and choked him to defend himself and his friend. The altercation ended, and the boys quickly took down the suspect’s license plate number. They reported the incident to police who then arrested Jolly. They also posted information about the incident on social media. Several others came forward to explain similar run-ins with Jolly in the past over Pokémon Go.