Families who visit theme parks are expecting to have a thrilling experience, but one family visiting Universal’s Orlando Resort were shocked in the worst way when a grown man attempted to abduct their child. Thankfully, the terrifying ordeal was brief, and the perpetrator has been taken into police custody. Authorities are baffled by the incident, and the motive behind the incident has not yet been revealed.

According to police reports, the family was enjoying the theme park on December 30th. At around 3:45 P.M., the family’s nine-year-old child was disembarking from a Harry Potter-themed ride when the incident occurred. The girl’s mother temporarily lost sight of her daughter as the entered into a locker room area of the Forbidden Journey Ride.

The perpetrator, later identified as Jason Mikel, immediately grabbed the youngster’s shoulders. He attempted to direct her away from her mother and towards a different area. While conducting the sly maneuver, he reportedly told her, “Mommy was over here.” The child was horrified. She broke free from the man and fled over to her mother.

The child’s mother immediately walked over to notify a Universal employee about the incident. The suspect then began running away. Witnesses saw Mikel fall as he attempted to flee, but a police sergeant working the theme park quickly apprehended him. The mother wanted to press charges against him.

Mikel, a 23-year-old resident of Illinois, is being charged with battery and attempted kidnapping. Officers also found marijuana in his possession, so he will additionally be charged with possession of a controlled substance.