news reports that the suspected murderer in the death of a model has confessed to the crime, but blamed it on a fight over drugs. Jonathan Harris, 30, was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Christina Carlin-Kraft, 36, a Pennsylvania-based model who had been featured in Playboy and other magazines. Harris admitted to killing her, but stated it occurred during a fight over cocaine.

Harris appeared in court Friday to answer to the charges that he strangled Carlin-Kraft to death in her Ardmore, Pennsylvania apartment.

He allegedly stated to police that he had met up with her before going to her apartment together. Harris stated he thought he was going to sell $1,200 worth of cocaine to her. He also included in his statement that the two took drugs together before having sex. When Harris asked for his money, she refused to pay him, leading to a physical fight.

Harris also told police he choked Carlin-Kraft when she was trying to call 911, and he left her apartment not knowing he had killed her.

Police believe he choked her with both his hands and an unidentified object. Security cameras led police to Harris after Carlin-Kraft’s body was found wrapped up in bedding in her apartment.

*Photo credit Facebook, Christina Carlin-Kraft