The Seattle PI reports that a man told police it was ‘extremely easy’ to kill his girlfriend at a Seattle Center. David Lee Morris talked to police about the murder of his girlfriend, Gabrielle Maria Garcia at the Seattle Center Armory on Friday. He told them he had “a lot of justification” for the killing.

He went on to tell police that Garcia had separated him from their 5-year-old autistic son. He also said he has bad credit and couldn’t get a good job to help pay off his debts. The 29-year-old has been charged with first-degree murder.

Prosecutors say he murdered his 28-year-old girlfriend in front of multiple witnesses at a pizza stand in the Armory. He is being held without bail.

Morris stabbed Garcia multiple times in the neck with a knife and then pulled out a gun he used to engage in a standoff with police.

A Taser was used twice to help detain him but he confessed his desire to kill Garcia to detectives.

Garcia had a restraining order against Morris, but the couple had met Friday to take their son to a local science center.

Morris told police he started contemplating killing her in April so the son could be raised by her brother. He was hoping to patch up the relationship.

After buying pizza together, Morris tried to talk to Garcia about their son before she left to go to the restroom. He thought she was leaving to call her attorney, so he pulled out a knife and started stabbing her. She was taken to the hospital, where she died later.

*Photo credit Hearst Communications, Inc.