A massive manhunt has been launched for Steven Joshua Wiggins, a suspect that police believe murdered a Tennessee sheriff’s deputy on May 30th. The suspect has already been added to Tennessee’s Top 10 Most Wanted list, and a statewide alert has been sent out to citizens through mobile text messaging services. A reward of $12,500 has been issued for any information leading to the arrest of Wiggins.

Police have also noted that the suspect is likely armed and dangerous. He will likely be traveling on foot according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and anyone who makes contact with the suspect should immediately call 911 or the bureau. In addition to the latest charges, Wiggins is wanted for theft and aggravated assault. Over the past twelve years, the suspect has had multiple run-ins with law enforcement. Records indicate Wiggins has been arrested for assault, domestic violence or a similar charge at least eight times.

While searching for Wiggins, investigators learned another suspect had participated in the fatal shooting. Authorities have arrested 38-year-old Erika Castro-Miles, the suspect’s girlfriend, for first-degree murder.

Officer Baker was patrolling an area on May 30th when he decided to pull one car over for driving suspiciously. While conducting the traffic stop, other officers lost contact with him. After some time, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation decided to utilize GPS to locate the officer’s vehicle. The officer’s deceased body was discovered inside his vehicle. Investigators examined nearby surveillance footage and were able to identify Wiggins as a suspect in the officer’s death.