A long trial has finally been resolved, and one Prince George’s County man was finally convicted for his horrific crime in 2016.

Daron Boswell-Johnson tragically murdered both his ex-girlfriend and his own two-year-old daughter in 2016. Back in February of that year, Prince George’s Police discovered the victim in a parking lot of the couple’s community. She was unresponsive and had a massive gunshot wound. Her young infant was still strapped into her car seat, but officers immediately recognized that the youngster was also suffering from a gunshot wound. The mother tragically passed away in the parking lot before she received any medical care.

The two-year-old victim was rushed to a local hospital where doctors performed a number of life-saving procedures on the youngster. She passed away a short time later at the hospital. The mother was shot in the back, while the infant was shot twice in the head.

This terrible crime has an even more disturbing motive. Prosecutors are convinced that the suspect murdered these two victims in an attempt to get out of paying child support. According to prosecutors, Daron Johnson was paying around $600 each month in child support payments.

The Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office tweeted out a statement indicating that Daron Johnson faces the possibility of life in prison without the potential to be released on parole. The suspect eventually admitted to fatally shooting his ex and daughter in a taped confession after being arrested.

After a seven-day trail, a jury found Johnson guilty of first-degree murder and a weapons charge.