David Katz, a 24-year-old resident of Baltimore, did the unthinkable over the weekend. The self-proclaimed gamer is responsible for committing a mass shooting at the Jacksonville Landing Complex after losing in a Madden NFL tournament.

The suspect, who had previously won last year’s Madden tournaments, had traveled all the way from Baltimore to compete. The finalists of this round would proceed to Las Vegas to compete for the top prize of $25,000. Katz met the other gamers at the Chicago Pizza, but he was eliminated from the competition a short time later.

Enraged, Katz went out to his vehicle and grabbed a weapon. He reentered the pizzeria and immediately shot the two competitors who had beaten him at the video game: Taylor Robertson and Elijah Clayton. Several discharged shots struck other individuals at the pizzeria. At least nine additional victims were injured by gunshot wounds, and two others were wounded while attempting to flee the chaotic scene.

The horrifying and disturbing shooting was captured on livestream through Twitch. Twitch was broadcasting the tournament live when a red laser dot appeared on the victim’s sweater. The film switches to the video game, but onlookers heard at least eleven shots ring out in the background. Viewers were met with the ominous message “controller disconnected.”

Witnesses from the pizzeria as well as viewers of the livestream flooded 911 with calls about the shooting, so authorities responded to the scene within two minutes. After opening fire on the gamers, Katz had turned the gun on himself. The FBI, Baltimore Police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives coordinated a search on Katz’s family home.