Hampden County Police are celebrating a recent drug bust that resulted in the seizure of over 30,000 bags of heroin and the arrest of four drug traffickers. 

On May 22nd, state police were watching a Chicopee storage unit in the early morning hours as part of a wider investigation into the area’s heroin trafficking schemes. While watching, one officer witnessed what appeared to be a drug deal, so he alerted nearby traffic cops about the potential of drugs in the vehicle. 

A short time later, police stopped the suspect driving on Interstate 391. The responding officer promptly called over a nearby K-9 unit to sniff out any potential drugs. The dogs did detect something, so authorities searched the vehicle. 

Police were thrilled to discover more than they bargained for. They seized 400 grams of uncut heroin and 600 individual bags of ready-to-sell heroin. In total, the drugs in the vehicle had a combined street value of around $112,000. 

The two suspects inside the car, Fidel Gil and Paola Mercedes Reyes-Desantos, were both charged with trafficking and conspiring to violate narcotics laws. 

After witnessing the drug deal at the storage unit, police requested an additional six search warrants. The warrants included a self-storage unit, two more vehicles and a specific motel room. 

Authorities executing these warrants discovered massive amounts of heroin, ammunition and marijuana. Both Christian Rivera and Anthony Guadalupe were arrested on heroin trafficking charges. Rivera is also being charged with possession of the ammunition. Cassandra Cardona was charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. 

Anthony D. Gulluni, the District Attorney of Hampden, explained that the police department’s recent increase in drug busts is at the center of the county’s attack against the opioid epidemic.