Montgomery County is recovering from a horrible tragedy. One resident, Christopher Snyder, snapped and killed four people including himself this past week. Police describe a devastating story about one abused woman attempting to escape only to have her rescuers murdered by her abuser.

Montgomery County Police describe how Snyder was holding his wife captive against her will. At around 3:40 p.m. on May 7th, she was able to escape from her house. She frantically ran over to a neighbor’s home who attempted to protect and shield the desperate woman. Enraged, Christopher Snyder forced himself into the neighbor’s home. He fatally shot the good Samaritan neighbors Mary Olson, Danny Murphy and Craig Shotwell.

Snyder’s wife and Murphy’s wife along with one other unidentified individual were able to escape the crazed gunman. When he couldn’t find his wife, Snyder returned to his home. Montgomery County Police and SWAT team members arrived on scene, but the suspect refused to peacefully surrender. Just after 11 p.m., members of the SWAT team forcefully breached Snyder’s front door. Rather than turn himself in, the suspect shot himself.

Investigators learned that the suspect was a martial arts and self-defense trainer at Code 3 Tactical Academy in Columbia, Maryland. He reportedly worked under the alias “Chris Smith” and allegedly trained several federal government operatives. He has also been connected with at least two other businesses including Identity Solutions Inc. and Black Widow Enterprises.

Investigators also learned that the suspect phoned a friend just two minutes before the first 911 call. ABC7 was able to talk to the friend who told news reporters he missed the call. The anonymous source wishes he had answered and somehow prevented this horrific tragedy.