Witnesses passing by a Catholic church in Rockville, Maryland, on December 28th were horrified when they heard piercing shrieks and screams. Upon investigating the noise, witnesses saw a younger male standing over an older woman who was lying on the ground. Horrified, they immediately contacted the local police department. Bystanders told law enforcement officers that they saw the suspect jump into a Honda and flee the area shortly after the screams subsided.

By 6 P.M., the scene was crawling with emergency medical crew, fire and rescue teams and law enforcement officers. The victim, later identified as 49-year-old Jaclyn McGuigan, could not be rescued. She passed away from severe stab wounds near the entrance of the church.

Detectives quickly learned that McGuigan was last seen leaving her home in a Honda earlier in the evening. Witnesses said her son was with her. Investigators quickly tracked down the abandoned Honda four miles away from the scene of the crime where they discovered some of the victim’s son’s belongings. Police quickly pieced together the day’s events and began searching for the victim’s son.

The next morning, 21-year-old Kevin Justin McGuigan was identified by a witness at a local gas station. Police were called at around 7 A.M. They were able to arrive before the suspect fled the area, so they quickly apprehended him. Kevin McGuigan has been charged with first-degree murder as a result of the incident, but the motive in this senseless crime remains unclear. McGuigan has been transported to the Montgomery County Detention Center.