Charles So, a 35-year-old resident of San Jose, has just been taken into police custody for his suspected role in a robbery that occurred earlier this year. According to initial reports, the suspect was carrying a firearm at the middle school where he worked when police arrested him.

On February 21, San Jose Police Officers were alerted about an ongoing robbery situation. The incident occurred at 88 S. 4th Street, and the victim explained to police that he had experienced a road rage incident that ended in a terrifying robbery. The suspect had cornered the victim in a parking garage near San Jose City Hall and stolen his cell phone.

Initial investigations didn’t turn up any leads, but eventually authorities identified So as the primary suspect in the robbery. They obtained an arrest warrant which they served on August 29. Police descended on So at his place of employment, Chaboya Middle School. Reports indicate that So was a full-time language arts teacher for 8th graders. As police approached him in the middle of class, they were astonished to discover he had a loaded handgun stashed away in a satchel inside of the classroom.

Both parents and school staff members were upset upon discovering the suspect, who was a new hire at the school, had brought the dangerous weapon to school. So was taken to the Santa Clara County Jail and charged with felony robbery. He has been additionally charged with possessing a firearm at the school, another felony charge.