In a bizarre and confusing twist, media outlets are now reporting that none of the migrants who were arrested flooding the US-Mexico border over the weekend will be facing criminal charges. Only two of the immigrants who were arrested attempting to illegally cross were initially referred to the Department of Justice. These charges were later dropped as well, so now no one in the controversial border crossing will be facing any charges.

The Department of Homeland Security confirmed that most of the 42 arrested individuals were adult males. Only a few children and seven females were taken into custody. This newest revelation that the Department of Justice will not be prosecuting the migrants is sharply contrasted by President Donald Trump’s rhetoric against the group. It is also sharply contrasted by the Border Patrol’s response to the incident. Over the weekend, video footage surfaced of Border Patrol agent’s spraying women and children with tear gas and pepper spray in an attempt to prevent them from crossing the border. Several of the individuals within the caravan were also seen striking the agents with projectiles, rocks and anything else they could throw.

This tense standoff will now conclude without any charges being pursued. The Justice Department explained that many were not prosecuted because of medical issues, their status as parents with children or a lack of information. Officials are working diligently to create a new, better system that can help record evidence in the event another chaotic border flooding occurs in the future. While charges won’t be pressed, the Border Patrol has not confirmed whether the immigrants who are detained will be deported or not.