Fox News reports that that a missing Virginia mom has been found murdered, and an arrest has been made in the case. TerriLynn St. John, 23, was reported missing early in the week and was found Thursday morning around 9 a.m. just a mile from her home, covered with leaves.

Alvin B Keyser, 23, is currently being held in connection with St. John’s death. He allegedly showed authorities where her body was, and is cooperating with police thus far. Keyser was an acquaintance of St. John, according to police. He became the subject of an investigation after a post on social media outlined statements he had made.

St. John went missing on Tuesday, and the front door of her home was discovered to be open. Her 2- and 3-year-old children were also discovered inside alone.

Concerned family members told sources that there were signs of a struggle next to her vehicle, which had been abandoned in her driveway. Her father told WTVR-TV that her cell phone was found in bushes nearby, and jewelry was found all around the side of the vehicle, as if it had been broken off.

Mac Kennard, St. John’s boyfriend, says the last time he saw her was at 4:20 a.m. before he headed to work.

K9 teams and aircraft were used to search for St. John, and police also sought information on social media. This is how they were tipped off about Keiser.

*Photo credit Fox News