At around 2:30 P.M. on May 3rd, Whitney Bosselman called 911 in a panic to report her 5-year-old son missing. According to her initial statements, she had last seen CK, her son, at about 12:30 playing around the house. Bosselman allegedly fell asleep around that time, but her son was nowhere to be found when she woke up.

Quaker Hill Police promptly descended on the family home and began searching for the youngster. Bosselman informed authorities that CK was non-verbal and autistic. He also had a prior history of leaving the house unattended and wandering around without a guardian. Upon searching the home, police found that the boy was living in unhealthy and unsafe conditions. Police allegedly were met with a strong urine smell throughout the home, found moldy food on the floor and found multiple pieces of furniture stained with excrement.

Authorities found CK a short time later in the back seat of a parked car. He was buckled into his car seat, and temperatures were around 85 degrees that day. The youngster was unconscious and did not have a pulse. Emergency responders pronounced him deceased at the scene.

Investigators dug deeper into the incident, and they were disturbed when they discovered Bosselman had made several bizarre Google searches like “do people cry when they’re dying” and “autistic children and reincarnation.” Whitney Bosselman, the 31-year-old mother, was charged with risk of injury to a minor and criminally negligent homicide. She turned herself into the police, but she has pleaded not guilty.