Citizens across the globe are disturbed by the actions of one couple who law enforcement officials have labeled as both “serial killers” and “psychopaths.” The couple, who police are only identifying as “Juan Carlos N.” and “Patricia N.” were both taken into custody under the suspicion of being involved in the disappearance of a two-month-old child and three different women.

Police intercepted the couple as they were pushing a baby carriage through the Mexican city of Ecatepec. The police expected to find the missing two-month-old child in the carriage, but they were utterly distraught when they instead discovered several human remains.

When investigators descended on the couple’s home, they found at least three children were living in the family home. They also found at least eight buckets full of random dismembered body parts mixed with cement. Even more human remains were discovered wrapped inside plastic bags in the couple’s refrigerator.

The male suspect has confessed to police that the couple murdered at least 20 victims including 10 females. Alejandro Gomez, the Prosecutor for the State of Mexico, confirmed to media outlets that the suspect gave detailed accounts about the first 10 deaths, and he is continuing to cooperate with law enforcement by revealing more information. The male further conceded that the couple sold one a two-month-old child to traffickers after killing her mother. Gomez explained that the male seems “happy to have done this,” and he thinks the suspect wants the public’s attention. Instead of giving the alleged serial killer what he wants, Gomez has not released the suspect’s full name and has censored media pictures of him. The public has dubbed the killer the “Monster of Ecatepec.”