On March 5th, L.A. County workers discovered an abandoned duffel bag at the bottom of an embankment. Intrigued, the workers decided to look inside the bag to hopefully return it to its owner. They were horrified when they opened it up and discovered a young girl’s deceased body inside.

The police immediately began investigating the situation. The young girl, who was only about 9-years-old, was initially unidentified, so police began asking for the public’s help in identifying the remains. Authorities also noted that they believed the youngster’s body had been dumped there several days prior. It’s likely she had been at the bottom of the embankment since March 1st. Authorities did not disclose how the youngster died.

Soon, the police identified both the child and two suspects: her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. Both suspects and the victim had allegedly been homeless for ten months before the child’s death. The three were all living out of a vehicle and sometimes a motel room. According to police, both the mother and boyfriend had prior criminal records before the latest incident.

Taquesta Graham, the 28-year-old mother, was a registered sex offender. Her boyfriend, 38-year-old Emiel Hunt, had previously spent ten years in prison after being convicted of child abuse.

Both suspects were detained when they attempted to cross the Texas-Mexico border on March 8th. At the time, Graham was apprehended on an unrelated warrant. After interrogating the suspect, police came to the conclusion that Graham and Hunt worked together to kill the child and dispose of her body. Now, they’re both facing murder charges.