CBS News reports that two women have been arrested for the death of a Texas boy found dead on the beach. The child’s body was discovered last October and has been identified. His mother and her girlfriend have been arrested by Galveston police in connection with the death.

Tips called in from the public led to the identification of the 4-year-old boy. He lived with Rebecca Rivera, 34, his mother, and her girlfriend, Dania Sarai Amezuita Gomex, 31, in Houston. Gomez is being charged with a misdemeanor of tampering or fabricating physical evidence. Rivera is being charged with a felony count of the same charge.

Authorities claim the boy was abused before he died, and the women took his body from Houston to Galveston County to dump his body in the Gulf of Mexico. They have not disclosed whether they believe Rivera was involved in the death.

The cause of death hasn’t been released, and he had not been reported missing.

A tipster called authorities on January 30, identifying the boy and the two women.

Rivera has a bond of $260,000 and Gomez has a bond of $100,000. Another three-year-old child was living with the women and was unharmed, and has been removed from the home.

*Photo credit KHOU