Michael Hurley, a 32-year-old resident of Tarpon Springs, was arrested for first-degree attempted murder after one woman walked in on an incredibly disturbing situation.

Hurley was home alone with his five-month-old infant son when the child’s mother returned home from work. Immediately upon her arrival, she realized her baby was choking on something. She flew into action, grabbed the child, rushed outside and began screaming for help. A nearby neighbor, who happened to be a medical professional, heard the mother’s cry for help and ran over.

The mother and neighbor, Cali’yah Anderson, worked together to save the baby’s life. They asked Hurley to call 911, but the father just stood nearby and did not respond. According to the neighbor, Hurley kept repeating “I don’t know what happened.” The two dislodged the item from the baby’s throat and discovered it was a balled-up baby wipe. At this point, about 30 minutes after the mom returned home, they called 911. Hurley stood by as emergency workers helped the infant.

Hurley eventually told police he “knows this looks bad” but alleged the entire event was a “freak” accident. Hurley said he had been wiping the baby’s mouth and then he didn’t remember what happened next. Investigators thoroughly examined the baby wipe and were led to believe he act of choking on it was not an accident. Hurley was arrested, charged with first-degree murder and transported to the local jail. He is being held on a $500,000 bond.

The child is currently still in intensive care, and he is listed in critical condition.