Long Island in New York is well-known for its gang activity. The gang MS-13 has been implicated in at least 17 murders within the last year and half in the area. Recently, one member of the gang known as the “Reaper” was extradited to Long Island to face a long list of serious charges. The arrested suspect’s name is Miguel Angel Corea Diaz.

In retaliation for this extradition, the MS-13 gang is now threatening to murder New York police officers. Authorities have reported at least two credible threats on Hempstead Village police officer’s lives. After an informant told cops about the threats, police began arresting even more suspected gang members. Any information regarding the gang should be reported to police.

According to police, the majority of MS-13 is comprised of immigrants or immigrant’s descendants who have come from El Salvador. The United States Justice Department estimates around 10,000 individuals currently residing in the United States are participating in the MS-13 gang. Even more disturbing, around 30 percent of these participants entered into our country as unaccompanied minors. The MS-13 gang approaches these unaccompanied minors and convinces them to join the gang for life, or the gang intentionally utilizes loopholes in U.S. unaccompanied minor program to send younger gang members into the U.S. for asylum.

It’s suspected that about 2,000 MS-13 members reside or frequent the Long Island area. Over the course of 2017, the United States Justice Department was successful in securing over 1,200 convictions of gang members, and many of these members were from MS-13.