Outrage has been steadily growing as the current administration continues to aggressively pursue a zero-tolerance policy against illegal immigration, and thousands of people have turned up across the nation to protest the treatment of migrant children.

In the evening hours of June 26, things came to a head between law enforcement agents and demonstrators who have been camping out near the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma for several days. Around 150 Americans have been meeting at the center every night from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. to show solidarity with the children trapped inside. One of the group’s goals has been to create enough noise so that the children inside can hear them protesting and know that they are not completely alone.

On Tuesday night, police noticed that several of the demonstrators had left the designated camping area and traveled into the road. Fearing a potential accident, police decided to make an announcement for all protesters to vacate the roadway. Enraged, some of the demonstrators formed a human chain around the police vehicle. Out of options, the officer called for backup units to arrive on scene.

In all, around 25 to 30 officers responded to the officer’s call for help. Officers repeatedly commanded the crowd to disperse from the roadway, and most of the protesters decided to comply. Those who refused to comply were taken into custody. Seven demonstrators were charged with not following police orders, two were charged with resisting arrest and one more was charged with assault. The last suspect had attempted to jump on the back of an officer who was detaining another demonstrator.