On March 15th, an arrest warrant was initiated for Rexford Lynn Keel Jr. after his wife’s decomposing body was found in the woods of Edgecombe County. Instead of turning himself over to police, he fled the area and became a wanted fugitive. His attempted escape was almost successful, but authorities caught up with Keel about 34 miles away from the Mexican border. Police reported that he was carrying a large amount of cash, so it’s probable that he was attempting to jump the border to evade the police.

The whole ordeal began when Diana Keel was reported missing on March 9th. Rexford allegedly told police that he had last seen his wife the day before when she left the home with some friends. A few days later on March 12th, Diana Keel’s body was discovered in the woods by a Department of Transportation worker. The Sheriff’s Department has declined to report the cause of death or the condition in which the body was found because the investigation is still ongoing.

Initially, police officers questioned Rexford and released him. As evidence mounted, however, they decided to issue the arrest warrant. To their surprise, Rexford had already left the state by the time the arrest warrant was issued.

Media outlets researched the suspect’s background, and they were shocked to discover that Rexford’s first wife, Elizabeth Bess Edwards Keel, had also perished under suspicious circumstances. Back in 2006, she had reportedly died after a nasty fall from the stairway. With these newest charges, it’s very possible that prosecutors will re-examine Elizabeth’s death as well.