A fugitive suspected of murder has finally been taken into custody after nearly a seven-year search. According to initial police reports, the culprit was apprehended after an Ogden Police Detective was working on an unrelated case over a fraudulent $3 gas station purchase. By following the trail, the detective was eventually led straight to the wanted suspect’s door.

Now, 33-year-old Cody Tripp is finally behind bars. He’s being held without bail, and he’s facing murder charges. The Ogden Police Department is praising the offer, Detective Rachel Walker, for her incredible investigative work. Tripp was formerly listed as a most wanted fugitive with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

The whole ordeal began when Detective Walker began working on a small claim’s fraud case. A homeowner in Utah had reported a $3.08 purchase from an Ogden store that he had never made. The victim told the detective he suspected his card was stolen during a recent move. He told the detective how he had hired a moving company, so the detective reached out to the business and asked for documentation for all the movers that assisted at the card owner’s home.

The detective was baffled when one of the documents produced was a fraudulent immigration card. The person listed on the card, however, was not an illegal immigrant. She located a phone number used on the card to an apartment in Salt Lake City. Upon visiting the apartment, she discovered Cody Tripp. He was immediately taken into custody when it was revealed that he was also a homicide suspect.