Law & Crime reports that Arizona police have arrested the naked man who committed a string of burglaries in Pinal County. Jeremy Lawrence, 47, was arrested last Friday as the prime suspect in four burglaries in the area. During the most recent crime, he allegedly stole an exotic tree from a home on November 11.

On the night before that, he was caught on video stealing items from another home. Police used this video surveillance to connect the crime to another theft that occurred in August, when Lawrence was seen stealing plants from a house while naked. A tattoo on Lawrence helped police to connect him to cases from as far back as 2016 as well.

In the two cases in 2016, Lawrence was caught on camera with no shirt on. A search of his home on November 16 revealed many of the items stolen during the burglaries on November 10 and 11. They also found over 26 marijuana plants in a shed out back.

Lawrence is facing two counts of burglary, possession of marijuana, possession for sale, cultivating of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia charges.

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