CBS News reports that a man was arrested at the Daytona Beach International Airport after making a bomb threat and forcing a prompt airport evacuation. A taser was used on the man, who was naked, after he allegedly said he planted a bomb in the airport. Police had received a call about a naked man running around the terminal at Daytona Beach early Friday morning.

Over 200 people were evacuated from the airport as a result of the threat.

John Greenwood, 25, was riding the baggage carousel while naked and yelling, “The bomb is going to go off. I planted a bomb in the bathroom.” After police tased and arrested Greenwood, he later admitted to using Molly and other drugs the night before. He was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

K-9 units were used to search the airport, but there was no bomb found on the premises.

According to police reports, Greenwood entered the airport fully clothed, but stripped in a ladies’ restroom and stuffed his clothes behind some sheetrock.

In 2007, Greenwood was held twice under the Baker Act, which allows for “involuntary mental health examinations.” He was also arrested once for allegedly assaulting a Daytona Beach police officer.

This incident means that Greenwood will face several federal charges.

Two flights were departing at the time of the threat, and all passengers had to wait out the search for 90 minutes before being screened a second time in order to board the planes.


*Photo credit CBS Interactive Inc.