Tom Brokaw, a long-standing anchor on the Today show, is now facing allegations about sexual misconduct throughout his professional career. The anchor has been with NBC since 1976, and he has been married to his wife Meredith Auld since 1962.

These recent allegations stem from a former NBC correspondent who was working closely with Brokaw in the 1990s. Linda Vester, the victim, told the Washington Post that the suspect made unwanted sexual advancements towards her on two occasions. She explained to news journalists that she never reported a complaint against him because she was only 20 years old and starting her career.

Brokaw is strongly denying these allegations, and he claims that the only time he met with Vester was upon her request. According to Brokaw, both meetings he held with her were entirely appropriate, professional and brief.

After Vester’s complaint, another unidentified woman anonymously reported similar sexual harassment by Brokaw. The woman claims she worked as a production assistant with NBC in the 1990s. She spoke with Washington Post journalists and told them Brokaw had been sexually inappropriate towards her as well. Brokaw has declined to comment on these secondary accusations.

Brokaw was well-established within NBC’s network, so it’s not surprising that women may feel coerced into entertaining unwanted sexual advances by someone of such prestige. Brokaw worked as an anchor for the Nightly News program for over 22 years, and he is also the only individual to ever host all three major NBC News programs throughout his career. His most recent appearance on NBC was during the funeral of former lady Barbara Bush.