Two devious men have evaded law enforcement officials for almost 40 years, and they have yet to face repercussions for a murder they carried out back in 1979. On May 18, the Salt Lake District Attorney finally filed official charges of murder against the duo and released additional information about the cold case in hopes of finally bringing the killers to justice.

Hector “Cuchy” Brito and Pascual “Pacola” Alfonseca, both currently 60-years-old, are believed to be responsible for the death of Jack Richardson in an attempted burglary. It’s alleged that the team confronted the wheelchair-bound Richardson at his doorway. Investigators determined that one of the suspects fired his weapon directly into the victim’s face and killed him. At the time, police identified the duo as suspects, but they fled the state.

In the last four weeks, prosecutors determined that the vicious murderer’s arrest warrants had expired back in 1991. Police around the nation had simply moved on and failed to pursue the suspects. Without any current official charges, federal investigators were hindered in assisting with the case. Detectives decided to resurrect the case, revive their arrest warrants and aggressively pursue the suspects.

It is believed that the team evaded capture back in 1979 by dressing as women and boarding a bus. It’s suspected that the team fled to Utah. Authorities have reason to believe that the team is still living in the United States likely under false identities. Anyone with any information regarding the suspects whereabouts is being asked to contact the Unified Police department at 385-468-9816.