FOX News reports that a New Jersey woman has allegedly robbed and murdered her mother before going on a shopping spree in New York City. Heather Barbera, 42, confessed to bludgeoning her mother and grandmother to death with a nightstick on July 7. The bodies of her mother, Michelle Gordon and grandmother, Elaine Rosen, were discovered in a blood-spattered high-rise apartment in New Jersey. Barbera, meanwhile, was using the victims’ credit cards and cash to party in Atlantic City and New York City.

Barbera was found by authorities days after the attack, after they used the credit cards to track her down in Manhattan. She was found at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. She is currently being held at Rikers Island and will be extradited to New Jersey to face murder and robbery charges.

Barbera’s uncle, Richard Rosen, found the women on the floor of the apartment, covered in blood.

*Photo credit Fox News Network LLC