FOX News reports that a New Mexico mother has been arrested for allegedly giving her 13-year-old daughter marijuana edibles. She faces charges of child abuse and drug charges, according to the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office.

Sylvia Rubio, 38, was arrested today after her teenage daughter took marijuana and chocolate marijuana edibles to her school in November, says FOX. Child Protective Services was notified by the school principal after the student was found with the drugs.

Rubio told investigators that a homeopathic doctor suggested the edibles to ease her daughter’s anxiety. She also claimed to hold a personal production license and medical marijuana card. She did admit to authorities she gave her daughter gummies with THC in them in April 2017, but says she didn’t give her daughter the chocolate edibles. According to police, the cabinet where the edibles are kept is not locked.

Authorities conducted a marijuana test on the girl and found THC in her system.

Rubio is from Radium Springs, and has been charged with child abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and distribution of marijuana, according to police records.

According to the Sacramento Bee, medical marijuana is legal in New Mexico, but recreational use of the drug isn’t.

Rubio is being held without bond in Dona Ana County.

*Photo credit Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office