The New York Daily News reports that a father wanted for questioning in the beating deaths of 1-year-old twins has plunged to his death in New York. The man jumped from the roof of a Midtown hotel on Saturday.

Mohammad Reza Torabi jumped from the Renaissance New York Hotel 57 at approximately 1:30 p.m., and crashed onto the third-floor landing. This happened just three days after police found one of the twins fatally injured and the other fighting for his life at the home of Torabi’s wife.

Torabi, 31, and his wife were estranged from each other after domestic violence allegations and a restraining order was granted against him. He pleaded guilty three years ago to choking her in Texas.

Torabi did not leave a suicide note and it is unknown whether he left any type of message with someone else. Cops were trying to find him to question him about the beatings of the babies, but he jumped before they caught up with him.

Sources say that Torabi also got his wife, Tina, hooked on drugs. The babies had opioids in their systems when they were born, and were taken away from her for the first six months of their lives.

Tina, 30, has been charged with assault and is being held without bail for beating her hospitalized son. She may be charged with the girl’s death after the autopsy if complete. Tina lived in an apartment with her five children.

However, the husband became a suspect when police discovered he had allegedly bit Tina in prior domestic violence incidents. The baby girl that died had bite marks on her. No one witnessed Torabi at the apartment near the time of the beatings, but police wanted to question him given the fact he was known to bite during past attacks.

*Photo credit Theodore Parisienne for New York Daily News