Monroe county is ashamed to report that an innocent youngster’s lemonade stand was held up at gunpoint over the weekend.

The nine-year-old boy had been selling organic lemonade in his neighborhood nearly every weekend. He was hoping to save up enough money to purchase a new lawnmower that he planned on using to earn even more cash. At around three p.m. on August 5th, the young entrepreneur experienced a bold stick up. A teenager pulled his firearm on the boy, stuck it against his stomach and demanded that he hand over all his cash.

This embarrassing display of power left the suspect with a whopping $17. The boy’s family is facing this situation with bravery and strength. They aren’t letting this incident destroy the nine-year-old’s efforts. The boy was back to selling lemonade within 24 hours, but this time his parents joined his efforts. The youngster collected an overwhelming $256 in donations that day, and Lowe’s Home Improvement was so moved by his story that they donated a $1,100 riding lawn mower to him on Monday.

Police officers who responded to the situation were dismayed to hear about the aggressive teen’s actions over a mere $17. While searching the area, police recovered a camouflage hat, a black BB gun and a metal tin in the woods, but they didn’t locate any suspects. Police asked neighbors to turn over any surveillance video they might implicate the robber, and many complied. With the assistance of the public’s video footage, police were able to make an arrest. The suspect is also a minor, so his identity has not been released.