Earlier this year, police departments around the nation were astonished when the Golden State Killer was identified after decades using a new genealogical DNA method. Now, the same method has been used to capture another criminal who has managed to escape justice for nearly 27 years.

The NorCal Rapist terrorized women in Northern California between 1991 and 2006. The suspect raped at least ten different women, and he was known to use firearms to threaten his victims. He was known to break into women’s homes, and he was even so bold as to leave his DNA at many of the crime scenes.

One passionate detective, Avis Beery, has worked on this case for the last 12 years. She explained how this suspect was well-known to wait until the victims were asleep before entering their homes, binding them and repeatedly assaulting them. At times, he would forcibly kidnap the women and force them to withdraw money from their bank accounts at ATMs. Sometimes, he stole personal items from the victims.

The suspect’s crime spree left women in the area in extreme fear because he continued to evade authorities. Detective Beery was ecstatic when she learned about the new genealogical DNA method, and she was excited to use the method to try to identify the NorCal Rapist. After using the method, authorities have positively identified 58-year-old Roy Charles Waller as the man behind these senseless crimes. He was taken into police custody on September 21, and he is facing at least 12 counts of sexual assault. He is currently being held without bail.