One former nurse, who was just recently let go from his position at a Texas hospital, is facing multiple charges for willfully and intentionally harming several of the hospital’s patients.

Police have confirmed that William George Davis is connected to seven different cases dating back to June of 2017. All incidents occurred within the hospital he worked at, Christus Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler. Authorities do not believe that Davis specifically targeted any of the individuals, but they were made aware of an issue when hospital staff brought their concerns to the police. The hospital staff explained to authorities that specific patients were having unexplained symptoms that didn’t match up with their conditions, treatment plans or expected recovery.

Last month, an order was issued to suspend the nurse’s license. The order states that the former nurse had entered into at least three different patient’s rooms, performed an “intervention” and left the patient either critically injured or killed. Christopher Greenaway was one of these patients. Despite the patient being in a stable condition, the patient immediately deteriorated after receiving an undocumented intervention by the nurse. Two days later, the patient passed away due to an embolism and other complications. He is accused of intervening in other patient’s rooms where he was not assigned, and these interventions caused at least two other patients to fall into a vegetative state.

On Tuesday, police arrested Davis for the death of Christopher Greenaway. Authorities are considering filing additional aggravated assault charges for six other patients the suspect is thought to have injured. He is currently being held on a $2 million bond.