We see dirty cops in movies or television shows frequently, but we run into them in real life a lot less often. Now, one police officer who works within the New York City Department of Environmental Protection has been accused of using his authority as an officer to help criminals avoid the law.

The sergeant, 38-year-old Gregg Marinelli, is being accused of tipping off suspects and providing illegal firearms to individuals who have been barred from owning them. While the investigation remains underway, it appears that Marinelli made the various firearms at his home using pieces and parts he obtained. Investigators noted that nearly all of the assembled weapons lacked serial numbers, so tracking them down is nearly impossible.

After assembling the guns, Marinelli would sell them to people who were not able to obtain firearms legally. Investigators suspect many of the guns went directly into the hands of members of an outlaw motorcycle group.

Police became aware of Marinelli’s dirty nature during a recent sting operation called “Operation: Bread, White and Blues.” The investigation centered around taking down several drug traffickers in the area who were suspected of dealing fentanyl. Strangely, one of the “major” suspects in the case apparently got tipped off about the pending investigation. While officers did successfully pull off dozens of other arrests, they weren’t able to apprehend the person who got tipped off. It was quickly determined that Marinelli was the likely leaker.