The Associated Press reports a New York City employee has been arrested for producing ecstasy. In Mastic, New York, a man employed by the city’s Department of Environmental Protection was discovered to be manufacturing the drug “ecstasy” in a lab in his Long Island home.

Joseph Guida, 44, was arrested Friday and allegedly made enough of the illegal drug to profit from street sales.

The investigation began when federal investigators intercepted a package from China that was addressed to Guida’s home. This package contained the chemical used to make ecstasy.

Guida’s property was raided on Friday by federal agents and Homeland Security, as well as Suffolk County police. The agents and officers found the equipment used to make the drug, and they arrested Guida and held him without bail.

Officers also discovered that Guida was growing marijuana in the home. His attorney was unavailable for comment.

*Photo credit Henning Kaiser/Getty Images