An Ohio woman has been taken into custody after a bizarre three-hour standoff with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department.

The unidentified suspect first caught the public’s attention when she unexpectedly began climbing a 285-foot cell tower. One witness passing by noticed the woman and decided to call 911. More onlookers took notice of the situation at the intersection of Oak Hill and Milltown road. By the time first responders arrived at the scene, hundreds were gathered around the tower witnessing the woman’s climb.

Responders were extremely concerned as the woman began jumping around on the beams. One witness described to reporters that he believed the suspect must have been under the influence because she was fearless. It seemed the suspect was taunting the officers who were tying to safely coax her down.

Authorities decided to close the streets to traffic as hundreds of people continued flocking to area. Two officers equipped with safety gear began to climb up the tower to bring the suspect down while other cops spoke to the woman over a loud speaker. According to witness reports, the suspect continued to request that police bring her boyfriend to the scene.

About three hours after the woman was initially spotted, she decided to descend down the tower on her own accord. Police immediately took her into custody and charged her with disorderly conduct, inducing panic and criminal trespassing. It’s unclear how she originally reached the base of the tower which is sitting behind a barbed wire fence. Authorities are amazed and relieved that the woman, wearing only flip-flops, was not injured during the ordeal.