4WWL reports that one has been arrested and two more are on the run after trying to break into a Louisiana jail. The attempted break-in happened at the Orleans Parish jail Monday night.

Sheriff’s deputies found drugs and other contraband that the three were trying to sneak into the jail through a yard. At 10 p.m. on November 26, deputies witnessed a man simply walk up to the jail wall and climb it. A guard sounded the alarm, but the perpetrator escaped before he could be caught.

Nicholas Celius, 23, was arrested on drug charges and one charge of resisting an officer after deputies caught up with him a short time later. He also had an outstanding arrest warrant in Dallas, Texas. He was carrying a backpack that contained marijuana, crack cocaine and heroin when he was arrested. At least two others were seen with him at the crime.

The two accomplices with him are unknown at this time and still at large.

*Photo credit WGNO ABC