CBS Sacramento reports that an almond orchard has become the subject of a crime scene investigation after one body was found in a freezer and another in a pond. The landowner’s son, Marin Ehrke, has been arrested and charged with two murders.

Colusa County Sheriffs responded to a call reporting suspicious activity on the orchard, including seeing bloody walls in a residence and two women who were missing from the area. They were known to be staying at the residence on the orchard on and off according to police.

The two bodies found on the property were those of the missing women. It is believed they were murdered approximately 24 hours before being discovered. They had no relationship with Ehrke’s mother, who owns the property.

The body found in a chest freezer was identified as Kimberly Lynn Taylor, 39. The body found submerged in the pond was recovered by divers and identified as Jessica Lyn Mazak, 25. Their cause of death has not been determined or released, and no motive has been determined.

Ehrke, 49, of Arbuckle was reportedly found about 15 minutes from the crime scene. He was taken into custody, interviewed and booked on murder charges. He visited the Colusa Medical Center the day before the bodies were found on the property, but the reason for his visit is unknown. However, local reports indicate he was dropped off at the center covered in blood, according to Daily Mail.

During the search of the orchard, narcotics and an illegal marijuana growing operation were discovered, says Daily Mail.

He is currently being held at Colusa county Jail and was arraigned for the two first-degree murder charges Friday. No bail has been set for his release.

*Photo credit Colusa County Sheriff’s Department