The Associated Press reports that the FBI has arrested an Oregon man for threatening to kill YouTube employees. In Salem, the suspect threatened the CEO of YouTube, telling her he was “coming for her.” William Gregory Douglas, 35, of Cave Junction, has been charged with cyberstalking and threatening to injure another person via interstate commerce. Douglas was captured outside of a convenience store.

Douglas tweeted demands for a return of his channel and making threats. He allegedly referenced a shooting at YouTube’s headquarters in April, where a woman wounded three people and killed herself when the company filtered and blocked her content online.

Some of his tweets included “I would kill the 100 YouTube employees” and “you want a bigger mass casualty aka shooting let’s see what I can do.” Another message also was allegedly sent to CEO Susa Diane Wojcicki, saying she needed to pray and that he was coming for her.

It is unclear whether Douglas has an attorney.

The complaint, signed by the FBI, stated Douglas posted three videos that stated he had been “shadow-banned” by YouTube, and accusing the company of being a government operation.

*Photo credit AP