CBS News reports that 34-year-old Christopher Ryan Tucker has been arrested for allegedly killing his 19-year-old girlfriend for saying “no” to his marriage proposal. The Philadelphia man, who lives in Albany township, was arrested for the crime on November 1 and allegedly confessed to the crime.

Police have stated that Tucker killed the woman days prior to her body being found, then fled the state. The suspect’s vehicle later broke down in Illinois and he was arrested after a farmer caught him trying to steal a piece of machinery, calling 911 for help. NBC Philadelphia says Tucker was apprehended at a local truck stop and executed an arrest warrant from Pennsylvania State Police.

CBS states that Tucker told police about killing the woman after his arrest in Illinois, and Pennsylvania police were sent to his home to discover the body of Tara Serino. Reps from the Pennsylvania State Police told CBS that Serino was “strangled, her neck was snapped and her eyes were gouged out. She was also beaten with a hatchet.”

Tucker allegedly told police about the gruesome details of the murder when he confessed. He also explained the reason for the murder was that Serino denied his marriage proposal and he “just snapped.”

A mutual friend of the couple has told sources that the couple had only dated for about five months. This friend, Chad Flyte, also told CBS that Tucker had severe mental illness issues and had been treated for them in the past.

Tucker has been charged with murder and criminal homicide according to NBC Philadelphia. Tucker also wrapped Serino’s body in a rug prior to fleeing to Illinois. Serino’s family hadn’t seen her since Monday.

NBC also stated that Serino had gone to Tucker’s home at some point between Monday and Tuesday, and when she refused his marriage proposal also told him she’d been sleeping with other men. “Then Serino apparently made an off-hand comment that Tucker should kill her,” stated NBC.

NBC says Tucker is being held in Illinois and will be extradited to Pennsylvania. Attorney information is not currently available for Tucker's defense.