Inside Edition reports that a New York woman has been arrested for allegedly throwing popcorn on a toddler, then hitting her in the head with the empty container during a movie.

Police have stated that the 2-year-old girl was in a movie theater in Littown, NY in January. She asked her mother for popcorn during the movie, and the suspect told the girl to be quiet. The mother of the child then told the suspect to leave her daughter alone and the suspect proceeded to curse at her before covering the child’s mouth, dumping the popcorn on the girl and striking her with the empty bucket.

Keri Karman, 25, was at the movie with her father, Charles Karman, 61. Both of them fled the scene immediately following the incident.

The toddler had a bruise on her head, and both of the suspects have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child. reports that the Karmans did not know the toddler, and the movie was the PG-13 rated "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," showing at an AMC theater.

The mother of the child told the New York Post that her daughter merely said “popcorn,” and didn’t even say a full sentence. The mother, Celia Riggs, then posted photos of her daughter on social media, seeking help in discovering the identity of the suspect.

The elder Karman was charged because he did not do anything to stop the incident.

The child went to the doctor the same day for head pain, and police discovered the identity of the Karmans by reviewing surveillance tapes from the theater.


*Photo credit CBS Interactive Inc.