Both 49-year-old Kehinde Omosebi and 48-year-old Titilayo Omosebi have been arrested by Wisconsin Police after they reported their son had passed away. The two parents are facing charges of child neglect resulting in great bodily harm and neglect causing death after a disturbing incident that led to their son’s passing.

According to Wisconsin Police, the two suspects and their 15-year-old son were participating in a religious fast that had already lasted more than 40 days. On August 31, the 15-year-old perished as a result of malnourishment and a lack of food.

Kehinde, the boy’s father, reportedly walked all the way to the Reedburg police station to report his son’s death. His son had perished on August 31st, but he didn’t arrive at the police station until September 2nd. According to police reports, August 31st marked the family’s 44th straight day of fasting. Kehinde told officers that the entire family began the fast on July 19th. He also claimed to be a religious minister associated with Cornerstone Reformation Ministries. Police have been unable to confirm the legitimacy of the ministry or the father’s claims.

When authorities descended on the family home, they discovered another 11-year-old child who was visibly malnourished. The mother, Titilayo, was also visibly underweight. Both the mother and 11-year-old were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. Titilayo refused to be treated by medical staff citing religious reasons, so she was instead taken to Sauk County Jail.

Police confirmed that both parents will be awaiting trial while in jail. They also confirmed that both the mother and father have been eating meals while they’ve been imprisoned.