FOX News reports that a Texas couple has been arrested for leaving their 11-year-old daughter home alone so they could go to a concert in Michigan. John Guerrero, 48, and Virginia Yearnd, 39, were taken into custody on Monday at their home in Houston after returning from Detroit to see Godflesh in concert. The couple’s daughter had been home alone since last Wednesday.

The girl’s great aunt called police on Thursday to report she had been alone. Police attempted to reach the parents by phone, but were unable to for several hours. Yearnd did finally answer one of the calls and told the investigator they were in Louisiana initially. She eventually admitted she and Guerrero were in Detroit for a concert.

Police found the girl trying to cook when they went to check on her. She stated no one had been to check on her, even though Yearnd told police she asked her sister to watch her.

The couple has been charged with first-degree felony child endangerment and are being held without bond. If convicted, they each face up to 20 years in prison.

*Photo credit Fox News Network LLC