FOX News reports that a couple from Michigan has been arrested for locking 5 kids up in a ‘dungeon’ and threatening them with a loaded gun. The children were also whipped on several occasions, and this treatment when on for at least six years.

Yenier Conde, 32, and Sarah Conde, 28, are the accused parents from Lansing. The couple reportedly locked the children in a bedroom and screwed the door shut. During this time, they would have no access to a restroom or food, and were beaten and threatened with guns.

This abuse allegedly began In 2011, and the children are now aged 6 to 11. It was discovered in 2017. The Condes also refused medical care to their children, and one was not allowed to return to their cancer doctor.

The oldest son told police that at one time the children flooded the toilet in a bathroom and Sarah lined them up and pointed a loaded gun at them. He also stated that she pointed the gun at the youngest child’s face and pulled the trigger, but it jammed.

CPS was called in at least 12 times since 2009 before the children were removed from the home last year. They are now in foster care.

Both of the Condes have been charged with 10 counts of first and second degree child abuse and unlawful imprisonment. Sarah’s hearing will take place on August 3rd.

*Photo credit FOX Network, LLC