Katie Jean Williams, a 28-year-old pharmacist from Daytona Beach, has recently been arrested and placed in jail for suspected drug trafficking.

The suspect was employed at the Pierson Community Pharmacy, and she had been successfully performing her job duties for around a month when her co-workers began noticing a large number of missing pills. Staff were unsure about where the medication could be going, so they reported the incident to their supervisors. The pharmacy’s owner investigated the situation, and he determined that hundreds of amphetamine and Oxycodone pills were unaccounted for.

In response, he decided to set up a surveillance camera in the area. He was shocked when he captured video evidence of Williams stuffing multiple pill bottles from the pharmacy’s safe down her shirt. The bottles she was taking were predominately painkillers. He contacted local authorities who reviewed the footage. Based on the evidence, authorities arrested Williams on May 25 and charged her with grand theft, drug possession and suspected drug trafficking.

The suspect spent around five days in jail before she was released on bond. Investigators following up on the suspect’s charges and did a complete audit on the pharmacy. Incredibly, the determined that Williams had stolen much more than initially believed. After her first arrest and release, the suspect had come back and taken even more pills. She was re-arrested again and slapped with additional possession and trafficking charges. In all, Williams was employed at the pharmacy for about a month, but she was able to sneak off hundreds of painkillers that she likely sold or distributed to others. She is currently being detained at the Volusia County Branch Jail pending her court date on June 21.